Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair Specialist in Ohio

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Before & 

Below is an example of a Chimney Crown that is old and deteriorating.  


At DM Thompson we seal and  make sure your chimney is up to the highest standard.

Chimney safety 

Fireplaces are one of the leading causes of house fires. Don’t put your family in danger. Chimneys that are blocked or damaged are at greater risk for fire and gas hazards that can wreak havoc and destroy your home. Make sure you're routinely cleaning your chimney and taking preventative measures to maintain your fireplace to keep your family and belongings safe. 

Contact our chimney specialists today if you suspect trouble with your chimney and we'll inspect it right away. 
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Fireplace with accessories

Chimney sweep
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Annual inspections

It's important to have your chimney examined regularly for concrete cracks or other signs of internal damage that present fire and gas hazards. We recommend you get inspections on an annual basis to identify potential risks and protect your home and family. Remember, chimney fires are entirely avoidable and it's up to you to prevent them. 

Call a professional to inspect your chimney today! 

Comprehensive services

Don't hire just anyone to inspect your chimney. We do it all from detailed inspections to repairs and chimney installations. With us, we promise superior service and a thorough assessment for the protection of your home and family. 

If you'd like assistance determining which service is appropriate for your situation, give us a call. We'd be happy to help you!
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damaged chimney
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