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When scheduling an appointment with our chimney specialists, there are a few things to bear in my mind. Spring and summer are best for chimney repair and cleaning. October through January is considered peak season, so we recommend you schedule an appointment in advance to get your service done in a timely manner. Read more below about our tips for scheduling an appointment!

Before your appointment, remember to:

Stop using the fireplace, wood stove or gas stove. We need to work with an appliance that’s completely cool and dry to ensure our safety. We also ask that you please remove any trace of ash from the firebox to curb repair time. 
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The day of your appointment, remember to:

  • Remove any fragile or precious items within six feet of the fireplace. We need plenty of space to move our equipment in and out of your home. 
  • Watch us work if you'd like. You can learn a great deal about chimney safety and how to properly clean it, so we encourage you to do so
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